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barbecue-tips-for-summer-grillSummer is coming, and with it all the fun outdoor stuff that comes with warm weather. As a homeowner, one of the best things about spending time outdoors is throwing that perfect barbecue for family and friends. Following a few tips before you fire up the grill will help you perfect your cooking technique.

Preparing the Grill

Breaking out the barbecue from storage and getting it ready to use is the first step. Use a wire brush with stiff bristles to clean off the remains left over from last year’s cookout. A bit of soap and water wouldn’t hurt, to wash away any leftover residue and old stale flavours. If your grill is cast iron, avoid using harsh cleaners on it and be sure to season the cooking grids with oil.

Inspect the grill to see what kind

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sudbury-events-for-june-2015-symphonyThe month of June; warmer temperatures and the month of school before summer vacation begins! Our beautiful city also has plenty of activities to enjoy. Below are some of the most exciting Sudbury events for June.

Laurentian Pipe Band Lessons

Every Monday

If you want to learn how to play a new instrument or even if you are already experienced with pipes, drums, or highland dancing, then the Laurentian Pipe Band may be for you. Every Monday in June at 7:00 pm, you can take beginner lessons for highland dancing, bagpipes, and drums – all free! It takes place at Laurentian University on Ramsey Lake Road.

Kill the Keg Draught Beer

Every Friday

Beer lovers will love the Kill the Keg Draught Beer event occurring at Hardrock 42 Gastropub in

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It’s one of those evenings. You don’t sit on the back deck, you flop. It’s all about you and the great outdoors right outside your back door. You have embarked on a stay-cation for the weekend, all thanks to the improvements and refinements made to your little slice of backyard heaven. Eclectic, bright and personalized describe the way homeowners are building up their landscaping and play areas this year.

It’s Home

Sure, a multi-million dollar mansion has meditation gardens, pathways and living art pieces. You have three kids, two dogs, a new house and you and the spouse would like to spend time enjoying your yard rather than always tending and building it. 

Prioritizing what you want to do with your yard is the first step to making a welcome

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Your neighbours are the people whom you may have to live with for a few months to countless years. Taking the time and effort to get to know them now will foster countless rewards in the future. You'll make countless friends, forge long-lasting relationships, and experience some of the most unique people you'll ever find. That should give you plenty of incentive to meet your neighbours.

The problem is that not every neighbour is easy to meet. You seem to always miss your neighbours or to catch them when they don't have time for proper introductions. Let's take a look at some ways that you can improve your chances of a happy introduction with your neighbours. We'll explore everything from methods that make you available to more direct approaches of

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Many people depend on the sale of a home to finance a newer home or other important expense. However, you need to keep in mind that just because your home sold for $450,000, it doesn't mean that will be the amount in your bank account. There are several closing costs that will take a small but noticeable percentage of the sale price. Here are some other expenses that you as the seller should be prepared for.

Costs Associated With the Property

Depending on the type of property, you might have homeowner's association costs, maintenance costs, property taxes, municipal assessments, and other bills associated with your home or condo. If so, these will need to be paid in full when you hand over the real estate. In addition, you must pay to remove any

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Staging your home in a competitive real estate market gives you many advantages over those sellers that make little or no effort to prepare their homes for selling. A cluttered, dirty home with no obvious care or organization is unappealing to home buyers. In comparison, if you stage your home and declutter, clean, add some fresh paint and open up the rooms, your home will attract buyers. These simple and inexpensive tips for staging a home will help give you ideas and prepare your home to sell fast.

What is Home Staging?

Staging is all about making it look good to potential buyers. Buyers want a home that provides functionality, spaciousness, and has all the features they want. They're not interested in repainting, changing out all the carpeting or

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These two far northern and two most southern Sudbury neighbourhoods may be new areas of exploration for residents in and around the city. Each one is unique, but also self-contained, for those who live in them. The local identity of each area is part of the charm, so enjoy finding out about these neighbourhoods. 


Hanmer, the township, was established in 1900. It's about three or four miles south of Capreol, and has four schools: Ecole Secondaire Hanmer, Ecole Publique Foyer-Jenuesse, Redwood Acres Public School and Bishop Alexander Carter Catholic School. The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is also in Hanmer for good measure. The centre of Hanmer is around Old Highway 69, or Notre Dame Avenue, and Route 80. It is about 16 miles, or 26

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It’s that time of the year again. Spring is in full effect, meaning it’s time to get started on those necessary May home maintenance tasks. Regular inspection and upkeep of your property helps to ensure an enjoyable and equally rewarding home owning experience. 

HVAC Vacuum and Dust

Now is a great time to check, repair or replace your home’s air filters along with thoroughly inspecting its heating and cooling systems. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure your systems are clean and working efficiently. Regular replacement of air filters helps to improve the air quality in your home and reduces those pesky allergens that become more of a nuisance this time of year. In addition to the benefits of improved air quality, keeping up to date with

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