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growing-your-own-herb-garden-potted-plantsEven in the dead of winter, nothing satisfies the soul and the stomach more than a nice hot meal seasoned with a mix of herbs grown in your own garden. Whether it's a simple bowl of tomato soup with basil and a grilled cheese sandwich or a complex stew, a mix of herbs can turn basic food into a gastronomic delight. Unfortunately, many people especially in northern climates are reluctant to grow herbs because of the short growing season and the harsh winter that punishes almost all plants. That leaves them at the mercy of the grocery store for the flavour of herbs which are frequently the most expensive items on a per pound basis.

On the bright side, herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow either in containers or in the garden and can provide you

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real-estate-apps-phone-imageIf you are searching for a new home in the Sudbury, Ontario area, you will certainly have your work cut out for you. There is so much a home buyer has to consider, from the location and what is around the neighbourhood, the price of the property, the overall condition of the new home and even smaller details such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want. Of course, finding the right real estate firm is of utmost importance as well. Because everything is done while on the go these days, there are a few real estate apps that should prove extremely helpful in your quest to find the perfect new home.

real-estate-apps-Chris-PennyChris Penny

Chris Penny is a free app that specifically helps you to either sell or buy a home in Sudbury. It allows you to take a look at real

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sudbury-events-for-july-2015-childrenJuly is Sudbury's hottest month, and it's not just the thermometers that get excited! Summer is in full swing, with families and singles getting out and about to enjoy everything our great city has to offer. Here's a selection of some great events that are happening in July:

Lunch On A Lake Concert

July 3

Get the month started with a relaxing free show at the Vale Living With Lakes Centre. Jamie Dupuis will play the guitar from 12:00 - 1:00 pm while you survey the calming waters and tuck into your lunch. This is a picnic-style event where you're responsible for your own food - bring something tasty! Centre staff recommend parking in Parking Lot 15 off South Bay Road.

To read the rest of this article, see the latest issue of Living in Sudbury

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decorating-on-a-budget-master-bedroomBuying a house is the first step in owning a home; they aren't the same thing. The process of creating a home that reflects your tastes and life circumstances never fully ends, but you should try to put as much effort as possible into the first big phase of purchasing furniture and arranging decor. It's easy to assume this will be a casual process that will fall into place on its own, but this mentality results in homes that look unfinished and don't have a cohesive decor. One thing that stops people from quickly getting things into place is a lack of expendable money, especially when it comes to the rooms that aren't often seen by other people. 

The master bedroom shouldn't be neglected just because it is rarely seen by anyone besides the people who

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ideas-to-clean-your-home-faster-titleVery few people love to clean, but we all have to do it sometimes or risk being the subject of an intervention on television. However, with a few tools, some reliable cleaners, and a competitive urge to improve your personal time, cleaning can become very satisfying... and almost fun.

Keep Up With a Few Daily Tasks

A little bit each day really helps. Things like making the beds, putting laundry and toys away. Wash the dishes and take out trash and recycling. Sweep something each day. You don't have to sweep all the floors everyday, but pick one each day.

Set Up a Schedule for Heavy Cleaning

If someone is at home during the week, an old-fashioned housekeeping schedule might work with Monday designated for washing and Tuesday devoted to

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2015-07-Living-in-Sudbury-Issue#7.pngIn this month's issue:

  • Sudbury Events for July
  • Decorating on a Budget: The Master Bedroom
  • 6 Tips for Growing Your Own Herb Garden
  • Top Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation
  • Awesome Energy-Saving Ideas for Your Home
  • Plus we have highlights from some of the fantastic homes listed for sale, in and around the Sudbury area

To read the magazine, just click on the front cover below:




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home-insurance-homework-formWhen you purchase a new home, you will typically need to purchase a homeowner's insurance policy. Mortgage lenders require you to purchase home insurance as a requirement with your loan, and you'll need to maintain minimum coverage for the life of your loan. Even if you own your home free and clear, you'll want to maintain a home insurance policy. This is coverage that can be used to repair or replace your home in the event it is damaged or completely destroyed. Before you make your purchase, you should do your homework to ensure that a) you get the best deal on your coverage and b) you buy a policy that is best suited for your needs.

Understand Your Options

There are many options to consider when you purchase homeowner's insurance. For example,

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keeping-your-home-safe-locking-doorYou've done it. You're living the good life in an Ontario home of your own. Since you've worked hard to obtain a house, you deserve a well-planned vacation. Planning your time away means choosing a vacation spot, getting time off approval from your employer, and just leaving. Let's see how to make sure that you don't come home to unexpected and unpleasant circumstances. In other words, protect your investment and your state of mind by following some simple tips about safeguarding your home while you're away.

Sharing is Caring, But Use Caution

It's natural to want to share your plans with your friends via social media, but let's think a moment. The internet is casual and all-revealing. Unless your filters eliminate nearly everyone, unfriendly eyes

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buy-your-first-home-home-documentsYour first home purchase can be a smooth and informed process and doesn't have to be filled with complications and frustrations. The key to having the entire process go smoothly and efficiently is information. You need to keep yourself informed of all the valuable information available. We've got our top 5 tips to help you buy your first home, the start of the information you should have.

Opportunity and Benefits

The first-time home buyer has many opportunities and benefits with their purchase. There is a home buyers' tax credit that will assist with the costs that are associated with first home purchase. The HBTC can be claimed on your income tax returns. A professional can find all opportunities and benefits that will save money and offer an

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tips-for-opening-up-a-small-space-living-roomIf you're like a lot of people in the market out to purchase or lease a new space, you may be rather dismayed by the amount of space you can afford for your budget. Many people who would love to buy or rent a large home with an open floor plan are unfortunately required to move into space that is smaller than they would like. If you are in this situation yourself, there is good news! We've put together some tips for opening up a small space so you can easily create the illusion of space in your home.

Choose Open Furnishings

There are a wide range of furniture styles you can select to invest in for your new space, but some furnishings may create a closed-off feel. The last thing you want is to feel claustrophobic and cramped while at home.

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