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updating-your-living-room-budget-main-imageYour living room is the centre of all of the action in your family, and it's probably where your family spends the majority of their time. If you are like many Canadian homeowners, you probably enjoy the idea of freshening up the appearance of your living room from time to time, but you don't want to have to spend a fortune to do so. Take a peek at our five ideas for updating your living room on a budget.

Get Creative With Plants

Houseplants are an important part of your living room's décor, but no one ever said that you have to leave them sitting out all alone. There are plenty of ways that you can make more of your greenery, and these include planting them in unique pots or urns that complement the colours you choose for your living room. Another

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Sudbury-events-for-August-2015-kid-with-clapperDesigning a small room can be a tricky task, especially when you want to create the illusion of a much larger space. While the right furniture and accessories will make a room appear more spacious, the colour of the walls will make a huge difference its appearance. Paint is a powerful tool, and with a few tricks, it can help you to visually expand any cozy space. Here are 10 tried and true tips for making a room look bigger with paint.  

Use a Light Colour Scheme

Light colours will enhance the illusion of a larger space. (Dark colours absorb light, which can make the room feel smaller.) Colour groups that work well in light schemes include:

  • neutrals
  • pastels
  • white/creamy tones
  • cool sea shades

These colour groups are

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ways-to-use-wallpaper-main-image-collageYou've purchased your new home, and you want to make it your own without spending too much extra money. The answer may come from an unexpected place -- wallpaper. With a little creativity, you can take a few rolls of wallpaper, a good pair of scissors and some craft glue and turn them into something fabulous.

Kitchen Flourishes

Does your kitchen need a bit of a brightening? You can add colour and whimsy without making any permanent changes, thanks to wallpaper. Find a wallpaper you enjoy that has a bold print or a vibrant pattern. Cut out the design and you can attach the decal to bottles or white dishes or tiles with just a bit of glue on the back of the decal. You can even add them to appliances with flat surfaces such as toasters for a splash of

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basement-decor-mistakes-imageThere are so many options for turning a basement space into something more desirable, but sometimes it can feel like too much! Here are some ideas about what not to do instead.

The First Thing Not to Do

"Neutral" is a favourite colour of redone basements because there is less natural light. You don't have to be afraid of colour when you put good lighting into the new space. Bright colours often make a room seem lighter at times, and if it improves your mood, win-win.

Flooring - Help!

Carpeting is warm and soft in a downstairs room, and it adds colour or retains a neutral palette. It still might be a no-no. Consider these uses for your basement:

  • Crafts and painting
  • Food and drink
  • Romping children
  • Planting soil


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decorating-on-a-budget-master-bedroomBuying a house is the first step in owning a home; they aren't the same thing. The process of creating a home that reflects your tastes and life circumstances never fully ends, but you should try to put as much effort as possible into the first big phase of purchasing furniture and arranging decor. It's easy to assume this will be a casual process that will fall into place on its own, but this mentality results in homes that look unfinished and don't have a cohesive decor. One thing that stops people from quickly getting things into place is a lack of expendable money, especially when it comes to the rooms that aren't often seen by other people. 

The master bedroom shouldn't be neglected just because it is rarely seen by anyone besides the people who

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tips-for-opening-up-a-small-space-living-roomIf you're like a lot of people in the market out to purchase or lease a new space, you may be rather dismayed by the amount of space you can afford for your budget. Many people who would love to buy or rent a large home with an open floor plan are unfortunately required to move into space that is smaller than they would like. If you are in this situation yourself, there is good news! We've put together some tips for opening up a small space so you can easily create the illusion of space in your home.

Choose Open Furnishings

There are a wide range of furniture styles you can select to invest in for your new space, but some furnishings may create a closed-off feel. The last thing you want is to feel claustrophobic and cramped while at home.

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Staging your home in a competitive real estate market gives you many advantages over those sellers that make little or no effort to prepare their homes for selling. A cluttered, dirty home with no obvious care or organization is unappealing to home buyers. In comparison, if you stage your home and declutter, clean, add some fresh paint and open up the rooms, your home will attract buyers. These simple and inexpensive tips for staging a home will help give you ideas and prepare your home to sell fast.

What is Home Staging?

Staging is all about making it look good to potential buyers. Buyers want a home that provides functionality, spaciousness, and has all the features they want. They're not interested in repainting, changing out all the carpeting or

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