decorating-on-a-budget-master-bedroomBuying a house is the first step in owning a home; they aren't the same thing. The process of creating a home that reflects your tastes and life circumstances never fully ends, but you should try to put as much effort as possible into the first big phase of purchasing furniture and arranging decor. It's easy to assume this will be a casual process that will fall into place on its own, but this mentality results in homes that look unfinished and don't have a cohesive decor. One thing that stops people from quickly getting things into place is a lack of expendable money, especially when it comes to the rooms that aren't often seen by other people. 

The master bedroom shouldn't be neglected just because it is rarely seen by anyone besides the people who sleep in it! You will be spending more time in your bedroom than any other room in the house, especially if you have a TV in there. The bedroom should be the most comfortable and nurturing room in the whole house. This doesn't mean that you need to spend a lot of money on making it this way, though. There are a lot of inexpensive and creative ways to add your own personalized touch to the room. 

Before doing anything else, make sure that everything in the bedroom is there for a reason. Don't fall into the trap of tossing things into the bedroom to keep them out of public view or just to get them out of the way. Right now, this your first step. There's nothing worse than having to clear things out of the way before being able to fall into bed. Find somewhere else to keep these unnecessary items and free up space for the things that will define the new style of your bedroom.

Beautiful Bedding

Do a bit of research and planning before investing in bedding. Some people know from the outset what colours they want everything to be, and they can be fairly confident that their first choices will be right for them. However, other people may want to build variability into their decor. If you feel this way, or perhaps just feel uncomfortable spending a fair amount of money on one bedspread, consider purchasing a plain comforter and two or three cover slips to put over it. As long as they all complement the rest of the bedroom's colour scheme, you can switch out the covers as often as you want. You would be completely refreshing the character of the room, even if you didn't change anything else. As an added bonus, the covers can be washed often and easily, and damaged ones can be replaced at a minimal cost.

Finish the Look

A headboard gives a bed a finished look, and adding one is a good way for you to distinguish your house from previous apartments and dorm rooms. Before, you may have allowed a sense of impermanence to get in the way of integrating decorating details that could not be easily moved. The headboard doesn't need to be the traditional kind that attaches to the bed frame. It could be any kind of wide-set detailing that fills the space over the bed. Some retailers sell swirling metal pieces that arch upward in the middle and are meant to be used for this purpose. You could also purchase inexpensive headboard stencils and paint your own design, in any colour you want.

decorating-on-a-budget-kid-bedroomCut the Clutter

Avoid clutter by decorating the furnishings you already have instead of trying to make room for new pieces of artwork. Dressers can be repainted and fixed with new decorative handles in a single afternoon. To add a new design element to the room, think about covering small pieces of furniture in wallpaper. It makes a big artistic impact to intersperse small patterned pieces throughout a room that is full of large, solid-coloured items. 

Another way to reduce clutter is to install shelving. This can be a deceptively tricky project, and some people resist the idea of reducing wall space in this way when they'd rather place a chair or table against that surface. Two or three small shelves above the bed and other pieces of furniture may not resolve significant storage issues, but they are a great way to prevent the room from being overrun by small nicknacks and framed photographs. Don't ignore the decorative potential of these shelves. Paint them a fun colour, or if you used wallpaper on other small pieces, use it on the shelves as well. 

Setting up a master bedroom that speaks to you is more about removing unnecessary and distracting pieces than it is about bringing new decor into the room. If you treat every aspect of your bedroom like a design feature, you'll be able to create a functional and appealing living space in no time.

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