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Top-Home-Seller-Mistakes-for-sale-imageIn a buyer's market, selling a home can be a tricky proposition. Homeowners must walk the fine line between being gracious hosts and assertive salespeople when attempting to make the sale. By understanding the most common mistakes that sellers make, you can sell your home quickly and make the most profit.

Skipping Seller Prep

You will need to make your home sparkle and shine in order to attract the most buyers. Have the lawn professionally landscaped and manicured, give the exterior a fresh coat of paint or cleaning and have the interior thoroughly cleaned. Buyers need to be able to picture their own belongings in your home, so clear away clutter and personal effects before showing. Family photos, trophies and knick-knacks hurt sales, so tuck them

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Many people depend on the sale of a home to finance a newer home or other important expense. However, you need to keep in mind that just because your home sold for $450,000, it doesn't mean that will be the amount in your bank account. There are several closing costs that will take a small but noticeable percentage of the sale price. Here are some other expenses that you as the seller should be prepared for.

Costs Associated With the Property

Depending on the type of property, you might have homeowner's association costs, maintenance costs, property taxes, municipal assessments, and other bills associated with your home or condo. If so, these will need to be paid in full when you hand over the real estate. In addition, you must pay to remove any

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Staging your home in a competitive real estate market gives you many advantages over those sellers that make little or no effort to prepare their homes for selling. A cluttered, dirty home with no obvious care or organization is unappealing to home buyers. In comparison, if you stage your home and declutter, clean, add some fresh paint and open up the rooms, your home will attract buyers. These simple and inexpensive tips for staging a home will help give you ideas and prepare your home to sell fast.

What is Home Staging?

Staging is all about making it look good to potential buyers. Buyers want a home that provides functionality, spaciousness, and has all the features they want. They're not interested in repainting, changing out all the carpeting or

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