ways-to-use-wallpaper-main-image-collageYou've purchased your new home, and you want to make it your own without spending too much extra money. The answer may come from an unexpected place -- wallpaper. With a little creativity, you can take a few rolls of wallpaper, a good pair of scissors and some craft glue and turn them into something fabulous.

Kitchen Flourishes

Does your kitchen need a bit of a brightening? You can add colour and whimsy without making any permanent changes, thanks to wallpaper. Find a wallpaper you enjoy that has a bold print or a vibrant pattern. Cut out the design and you can attach the decal to bottles or white dishes or tiles with just a bit of glue on the back of the decal. You can even add them to appliances with flat surfaces such as toasters for a splash of unexpected colour. To make the drawers in the kitchen easier to clean, line them with wallpaper. If there is a spill, simply remove the wallpaper sheet and add a new one.

ways-to-use-wallpaper-living-room-artInnovative Art Pieces

Does your new home have walls that seem to go on for days? Consider them your gallery walls. After a fresh coat of paint in your favourite colour, block out a sizeable area and apply wallpaper directly to the wall. Frame the wallpaper with trim moulding and suddenly you have a unique piece of art. You can do this in any size to fit the area of your wall or room.

Crafting a Glass Table

Did you bring an old glass coffee table with you to the new house? If it could use an update, wallpaper may be your answer. Line the back of the glass top with the wallpaper sheet of your choice and your old table has new life. You don't have to stop with tables, either. You could do this with anything glass. You could take glass plates purchased at a thrift store and line the backs with wallpaper to make stunning holiday plates for inexpensive gifts.

Give New Light to that Lamp

Maybe that lamp you've had forever needs something new to make it stand out. Take the old, frazzled lampshade off and make it new again with the help of some wallpaper. Line the inside of the shade with a dramatic patterned paper, and use a strong, solid colour to rim the outside of the shade. The outside rim will help protect the structural integrity of the lampshade while still adding to the dramatic visual appeal. Everyone will want to know where you got your stunning new lamp. You don't have to tell them you made it yourself unless you want to share your secrets.

ways-to-use-wallpaper-stairsStair Surprises

Does your new home have a wooden staircase? That's just the place to make a surprise statement with little hints of a design or a pop of colour. Cut wallpaper strips to fit on the outside of the stair steps and apply. Imagine the many designs you could place up and down your staircase.

Update a Chest of Drawers

If you're still moving that beloved chest of drawers from your childhood from one new home to the next, it may need more than a new coat of paint. If so, a few strips of wallpaper may come in handy. Select a pattern that will highlight the theme of your room and cut the strips to match the front of each drawer. If you want an extra special pop of excitement, select a contrasting colour or pattern and apply to the sides of the drawers so it will show when they are pulled out from the chest (floral for the front and stripes for the sides, for example).

With a bit of wallpaper, a pair of good scissors and some craft glue, you can transform your new home into a space that highlights your own personality.

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