It’s that time of the year again. Spring is in full effect, meaning it’s time to get started on those necessary May home maintenance tasks. Regular inspection and upkeep of your property helps to ensure an enjoyable and equally rewarding home owning experience. 

HVAC Vacuum and Dust

Now is a great time to check, repair or replace your home’s air filters along with thoroughly inspecting its heating and cooling systems. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure your systems are clean and working efficiently. Regular replacement of air filters helps to improve the air quality in your home and reduces those pesky allergens that become more of a nuisance this time of year. In addition to the benefits of improved air quality, keeping up to date with inspection of your heating and cooling systems ensures that they are fully operational through the seasons when they are used the most.. Reduce the dust in your home by wiping down all surfaces on which it commonly accumulates. This can be done using any microfibre cloth and polish or repellent of your choice. Be sure to vacuum after all dusting is completed so any dust that may have settled to your carpets and floors can be removed and discarded.

Clean, Regrout and Reseal Tiled Areas

You may notice the grout between the tiles on your floor may be dirty, cracked or corroding and in need of replacement. Grout deterioration is a result of high traffic in a specific area of your home. You can opt to have your grout cleaned or replaced professionally, or you can tackle this task as a DIY project. Your local home improvement store should offer the tools and materials necessary to get this project completed. Be sure to properly seal your newly replaced grout and allow the area proper time to harden and dry. 

Check and Clean Your Range Hood and Fan

In addition to your routine oven cleaning, you should also be checking and replacing the filters in your kitchen’s range hood. Depending on the type and frequency of cooking you do in your kitchen, it is recommended that the filters in your range hood be changed every 3 to 6 months. This routine maintenance helps to prevent greasy build up on your kitchen walls and ceilings. Also, be sure to wipe down the range hood itself to remove any greasy residue accumulated between cleanings. 

Re-Touch Your Decks and Patios

Your deck and patio areas add a touch of flare to your home. This month is a time to retreat, reseal, and re-stain them as needed. Staining your deck offers several preventative and preservative benefits including increasing the longevity of your wood’s useful life and amplifying its look and feel. When left untreated, the wood is exposed to harsh natural elements like rain, snow, and extreme heat which may cause it to lose its integrity. Though many oil based staining products offer the durability and beautiful finish you want when retreating your wood, a bit of research is necessary when choosing the right product as you want to remain in compliance with VOC environmental regulations. 

Pressure Wash Your Home’s Exterior

Pressure washing is recommended at least once a year to keep your home’s exterior appearance fresh and welcoming. The fall and winter months may have left your home’s exterior stained and dull as fallen leaves, dirt, algae and mould tend to build up during these less active seasons. Pressure washing is a preventative measure and drastically reduces the need to make costly replacements to your siding, roof and walkways. Mould and mildew accumulation not only effects your home’s outward appearance, but may also be negatively affecting your family’s health. There are a number of professional pressure washing services that specialize in exterior home maintenance, and you’ll find them to be quite affordable, nearly paying for themselves when compared to the costs and hassle of having to continuously replace and repair your home’s exterior elements. Give your home that newly purchased look and feel.

Clean Windows

Your spring cleaning tasks should include some attention to the windows and sills in and outside of your home. When cleaning your windows, open them and remove any dirt and debris built up in corners and grooves. Wipe down interior glass panes to remove any visible dirt, dust and smudges. Cleaning your windows allows more light to be captured during the day and reduces your need for artificial light. Tackling outdoor window maintenance may be best suited for a professional. These services can also be outsourced to a contractor. As with pressure washing, the methods vary, so leaving this job to a professional may reduce the chances of damaging your windows, or worse, injuring yourself. Outsourcing is especially useful if your home is a multi-story model. 

Spruce Up Your Lawn and Garden

Last month you focused on aerating, fertilizing and properly watering your lawn in compliance with your area’s regulations. This month you may want to get a fresh start on improving the appearance of your lawn in preparation for the warmer, dryer months. Reseeding and planting annual flowers to adds a pop of colour to your lawn and keeps your grass healthy and ready to withstand the summer heat.

Complete this May home maintenance checklist to get the most out of your home owning experience. Routine maintenance on the exterior of your home increases your home’s curb appeal and adds to the beauty of your neighbourhood, while interior maintenance makes for a pleasant living experience.These simple and inexpensive home maintenance tasks will keep your home looking and functioning at its best.

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